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Everyone has a story, they are a way to make sense of things, to put things in their proper place, delineate what is on the inside and what is on the outside. Stories make up who we are and throughout our lives we get to polish, edit, and we, as any skilled writer knows, at times just need to kill our darlings.  

I'll start my story with the usual, and I admit rather tedious, humdrum of my curriculum vitae. Once upon a time I finished a graduate degree in International Law and one - which is my favorite, sorry law! - in Philosophy. I have a partial degree in Financial Law, which I'm still planning to finish, one day. And studied at the University of Amsterdam and UC Berkeley. Professionally - wanted to write provisionally - I held positions as a researcher, paralegal and worked in the fashion and luxury industry [for CLEANSE and Quintessentially]. All those industries seem entirely unrelated, but are part and parcel to who I am: an activist at heart with a strong sense of justice and a love for beautiful things.

To give you an idea on what I do and how I work: my sessions aren't entirely 'coach-client' relationship based nor are they purely reflective and always from a philosophical point of view. Clients with pressing and valuable questions regarding their life and who they are can come to my practice to clarify where they stand, what they want and what kind of questions they need to ask themselves. Subjects range from love relations (on break ups, having difficulty letting go and inviting the right person for you in your life), attachment (how do proximity and distance play a role in your life?), ostracism (dealing with the fear of being shut out), anxiety (ever wondered whether you'd get a burn-out?), company-culture (does it influence you?), work and studying (why do you do the work / study that you do? what is excellence to you?), finding your passion, feminism and leadership (navigating the workplace and experienced backlash).

Now, these are of course non-exhaustive as it is all about reflecting on your life and what is important to you on a deeper level. At Faber-Consult we'll search for those questions you need to ask yourself and navigate issues from a philosophical point of view.

Now as for the writing part, I'll highlight one of my favorite subjects to write about: fashion, which has a special place in my heart. It brings solace, produces aesthetic experiences, harbors avenues for expression and is an expression of freedom in and of itself. I never agreed with the tiring 'fashion is not to be taken seriously'. One of my great examples Suzy Menkes, from her early International Herald Tribune days on, continues to create pieces of art with(in) her writing itself. With an unmatched eloquence and imagination she unapologetically does justice to fashion lines, bringing things to the forth that would have remained hidden, if it was not for her, and her writing.