Photography provided by Jacqueline A. Faber

"And yet it seems that this - to have once existed, even if only once, to have been part of this earth - can never be taken back." - Rainer Maria Rilke


The Consultation

A philosophical consultation is meant for anyone that seeks to understand themselves better and wants to get unstuck in life, to deconstruct existing thought patterns and reconstruct them in a way that benefits you. During a consultation we delve deeper into your thinking patterns, belief system and the assumptions that do not serve you - in order to discover what it is that truly serves you. 

Time is a scarce resource in our modern day lives, yet it is so important that we take that time necessary to think deeply about our life, our experiences and the encounters we have. For they - as futile as they may seem at first glance - have a profound impact on who we are, how we conduct ourselves, live our life and on our feelings. Taking that time is what we do during a philosophical session. 

Hopefully, and it will be our aim in the sessions, a consultation will bring you that epiphany moment you are looking for, a form of deep insight into yourself, your life and the way you think. Because we all want to move forward towards abundance.  

The Process

We will begin with an intake session where you have the chance to tell your story, what is on your mind and what brings you to Faber Consult. From there on we'll discuss what direction we will take, you can either drop in for thinking sessions here and there, or we can schedule a programme (see packages below) focused on one of your life's themes. 

for whom

Despite what you may be inclined to think, philosophical sessions are for anyone, there is no need for knowledge of the philosophical curriculum and I'm not there to lecture you on Kant, Sartre, Proust or any one else. Sessions are about you and your thinking. Perhaps language is the only barrier, I offer sessions in English and in Dutch. 

the costs

A session is 1 hour, which usually amounts to 45 to 50 minutes of deep work.

The cost is 85,00 euro per session, this includes taxes (21%).

If you are a student or earn less than 18.000,00 euro a year a session is 50,00 euro, also including taxes (21%).

There are packages you can choose from. You can opt for 4 sessions (intake + 3 consultations) which amounts to 255,00 euro in total, or opt for 6 sessions (intake + 5 sessions) which amounts to 425,00 euro in total including taxes (21%). During the intake we can discuss what would suit you best. 

If you miss an appointment without canceling, or cancel within less than 24 hours before the appointment there is a charge of 19,95 euro. 

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust, 1871-1922